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President's Remarks

On behalf of the Sea View Pines Board of Directors, I welcome you to the neighborhood. It is my wish that you and your family feel at home and can equally enjoy our community amenities. As you settle in, here please take some time to review our community guidelines for usage of our common areas, guest access and parking. They can be found here on the website as well as in your closing or rental documents.


As most of you are aware, we are now under professional HOA management with Etheridge Property Management. Etheridge will assume many of the day to day duties that in the past relied on board members and other volunteers on the behalf of all of us. The board felt this was an important step for us to take as a small community at this time. This removes burdensome administration and maintenance responsibilities from our membership body providing more time to enjoy living here. Board members can now focus on planning in a more efficient manner.

We are a small community and participation by all is vital for a healthy association. Previously, the same small group of members has served on the board year after year without a break. This is not healthy or sustainable in the long term. Our membership body has enough people to allow board members to rotate in and out, keeping participation positive and insight fresh. If the perceived workload of being a board member has kept you from participating, please reconsider. This will be less of a concern going forward with professional management.

From the President


From the President

Membership Communication

Please be respectful when using email!

Please refrain from sending messages to the entire membership body to complain, accuse or illicit divisiveness within the association. Please communicate concerns directly to Etheridge and do not burden other members with communication that may not concern them. Treat each other with respect and use email responsibly.

Common Amenities

The pool, dock and courtyard are for all members, tenants and their escorted guests to responsibly enjoy. Please tidy up and remove personal items when you or your escorted guests have finished enjoying these areas. All of us are ultimately responsible for keeping these areas clean and in good repair, so let’s work together to make sure they continue to provide us many years of enjoyment to come.

Community Events

We are working on encouraging more membership-wide activities in the near future, such as fishing together, paddle sports days and evening happy hours. If you have some ideas for community events, please contact the board so we can help you organize and communicate with the membership body.

Thank you for being the best part of Sea View Pines

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and myself, I would like to take this time to thank you for being the best part of our beautiful community and taking your time to review this section. 



President, SVPHOA

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